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89 Woodbridge Road Guildford GU1 4QD

Most of the bikes that we sell are pedal assisted or pedelecs. This means that the motor will not start until you start to pedal and when you stop pedalling the motor will stop. We now stock some bikes from Freego Wisper that can be used with the throttle and pedals or the throttle only.Because of the restrictions that are placed on them, see below, they qualify as normal bikes and can be ridden anywhere. They do not have to be taxed or insured and the rider does not need a license.

Electric bikes have a motor that can be fitted to the front or rear hub or can sit in the bottom bracket. There are advantages for and against each of these. When the motor is in the crank the connection to the sensors that detect pressure being applied to the pedals is clearly closer giving a more immediate response. With some bikes there is a short delay; this can be frustrating if you are expecting the bike to accelerate immediately; on the other hand it means that you will not lurch forward unexpectedly into the traffic - it is a question of preference. The batteries are lithium ion and are typically held on the down tube or on a rack on top of the rear wheel.

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